Meet Jimena Sanchez, The Mexican Fox Sports Presenter Everyone's Calling The 'New Kim Kardashian'

In Mexico, there is a beauty that captivated everyone and she is the host of a program on Fox Sports. Her name is Jimena Sanchez. She has gone viral both on Facebook and Instagram because of her stunning looks and talent.

This Mexican diva is very well known throughout Latin America and has this incredible body and beauty that attracted more than a million followers in social networks where she receives massive compliments. Jimena Sánchez is also a professional model and being everything she posts on her Facebook account becomes instantly viral

30-year-old Jimena will be a familiar face to viewers of Latin American sports channel Fox Sports, but to the rest of us she’s a sexy, sexy mystery.
The TV presenter is making waves in the UK, with loads of people saying she’s the ‘Mexican Kim Kardashian’ or 'the new Kim Kardashian'. 
But actually, aside from the fact that they’re both social media pros, with devoted fans and killer curves, we don’t really see much of a resemblance between her and professional internet-breaker Kim K.

Do you want to get to know Jimena Sánchez a little more and check why she has established herself as the 'trend girl' in all of America? Here we will leave her best photos taken from her official Facebook account. Check it out:

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