Effective way to treat cold

There are many medicines use on how to treat cold. And cold is one common annoying illness that we don't like. When we have cold we can't breath easily and it block our air passage. Cold are coming out on both of our nose and we lose self confidence because someone can see our nose with colds coming out and we feel a shame.

Main Cause of colds are due to low resistance, not hit but sunlight, go out and shower on the rain, not exercising, not eating nutritious foods, and transfer of diseases from people with colds. When you have colds what you need to do is the following. This method is 100% effectively tried and tested on how to treat cold. What you are going to do is to prepare 5 pieces of calamansi, glass, hot water, and snow bear (this is mentol like candy).

1. Get a knife and remove some peel on the 5 pieces of calamansi and squeeze it on the glass. Remove seeds of calamansi on the glass using spoon.

2. Put some hot water on the glass until half. Remove the wrapper on the snow bear candy to melt and dissolved it on the water.

3. While the water with calamansi with snow bear candy on the glass, put your nose near to the glass and inhale and smell those fresh and mentol like air. This air have a benefits ti remove your cold. When it is not too hot and the candy is already dissolved on water you can drink it all.

4.Have a rest and relaxed your self. Rest is one another way to be heal and treat your cold.

5. Drink a lot of water. Water can supply the water that removes because of cold and it will make your cold not too sticky, and it will be watery.

You will feel better and okay after one day. When Your colds are gone, continue drinking a lot of water and drink calamansi juice which is highly source of vitamin C. Eat foods also like fruits and vegetables to make a healthy body. Eat guavas which is also high and rich in vitamin c compare to lemon. Make your resistance strong,

Have a regular exercise to make bones stronger and body will also benefited. Go out and feel the warm sunlight. Sunlight is normally rich in vitamin D. This will help you to have strong resistance. Our body needs vitamins and we can get from the sun. This method or procedure is about how to treat cold effectively and to the other tips and you'll be feel better and okay.

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