CONFIRMED Kiosk Keith was sacked from I’m A Celebrity for ‘smacking a girl’s bum when he was drunk’

I’m A Celebrity’s Kiosk Keith was sacked from the show after ‘smacking a girl’s bum,’ 

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online, his ex-wife explained 52-year-old Keith, real name Raymond Grant, was dismissed following the incident which took place where the show is filmed in Australia.

Donna said: “Keith wasn’t on the bus when it happened, it was during a wrap party.

“They were sitting around and having a few drinks. Keith saw the girl walked by and gave her a tap on the a**e.

“There was nothing sinister in it but he shouldn’t have done it.

“He was sacked afterwards – from his role as Kiosk Keith and from his job helping to build sets on the show.”

The Sun Online exclusively revealed the news of Keith’s dismissal last week.

A source said his colleagues were pleased he'd left the show, with one telling us: ““We nicknamed him Hollywood because of his overnight fame.

“Everyone thought he was alright but now he's gone for good.”

Following the incident a source told The Sun Online: “It wasn’t unusual for Keith to turn up to work drunk as he's done it before but this incident has shocked everyone.

“He was drunk when he got on the bus in the morning. Then he behaved inappropriately towards a female member of the team who’s half his age.

“It happened in front of loads of people, the girl was so upset.”

The Australian labourer has worked on the show since 2002 when he helped to build the set for the ITV show.

Keith, a father-of-four, was handpicked by bosses for the role and was popular with the show’s stars including Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly.

Before life on I'm A Celebrity, Ray was born into an Aussie farm family, with his nine siblings and worked on his Catholic parents' dairy farm after school while growing up.

He later joined the army where he spent four years serving his country before leaving to become a newspaper printer by night, and helping his family run the farm by day.

The 52-year old builder’s ex-wife Linda has dismissed claims of sexual harassment

She told The Sun: 'I’m not condoning that he slapped her on the bottom. No one wants that. But he’s being made out to be this horrible man when he really isn’t.

'We’ve had a lot of differences over the years but he’s not a sexual predator. He has a 24-year-old son. He has an 18-year-old daughter. He is not like that and never has been.'

Grant's 15-year association with the show ended following the alleged incident, which is thought to have taken place following the show’s 17th series.

An ITV spokesperson previously confirmed that Raymond had been sacked and will not appear on screen again as Kiosk Keith.

They told MailOnline: 'Ray is no longer under contract on the show. There are no plans for him to return this year.'

*Sourced from The Sun and Daily Mail*

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