Where is the snow set to fall this week as temperatures are set to drop even further

London and South East England

Sleet, snow showers and fierce winds should mainly affect eastern districts on Monday, with some snow accumulation possibly especially over the North Downs.

Mist may form late in the night with the temperature at -4C, along with freezing fog patches on Tuesday morning.

There could be patchy snow later Tuesday, a few snow flurries on Wednesday and rain or sleet on Friday after a frosty Thursday

North East England

Wintry showers will largely fade away later on Monday, and most areas will see a little snow by dawn on Tuesday.

There will be slight accumulations during the morning.

Wednesday will be cold and clear, while Thursday will see the return of rain and sleet, with blustery snow showers on Friday.

Yorkshire and Humber

A few wintry showers are expected Monday and there will be a little snow Tuesday morning with the temperature at -3C.

There will be some snow through the morning before clearing through Wednesday.

Thursday will be breezier with a little rain and sleet, while Friday will start similar and bring isolated snow showers.

East Midlands

Some light snow accumulation was expected Monday morning and it will be drier through the day with freezing fog possible starting late at night around the Fens and Trent valley.

A little snow is likely in some places by Tuesday afternoon, followed by cold and clear weather on Wednesday.

Thursday will see a little rain later in the day, perhaps giving way to sleet and snow on Friday.

West Midlands

Monday night will be very cold and frosty with some freezing fog patches before dawn on Tuesday as the temperature drops to -5C.

Sleet and snow will move south-eastwards Tuesday morning.

After a cold and bright Wednesday, rain will return on Thursday, and there will be some wintry showers into Friday.

North West England

Light wintry flurries were possible on Monday morning, and more snow is expected overnight with the temperature hitting -4C.

Sleet and snow will through Tuesday morning, but there will still be a small risk for isolated wintry showers along western coasts.

Cold and clear conditions on Wednesday will be followed by sleet, snow and blustery showers on Thursday and Friday.

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