Whats in store for the next 10 days

The weather is likely to stay unsettled during the next 10 days, with low pressure in charge more often than not. But will the cold weather continue?


A dry and frosty start across central and southern areas. However, cloudy skies spreading to all areas through the morning as outbreaks of rain push southeastwards through the day. Wintry showers moving into the northwest. Slightly less cold than recently.


Heavy rain pushing eastwards across the UK. Bands of sleet and snow moving into the northwest followed by wintry showers.


Rain clearing the southeast through the morning, turning drier and brighter for most places. Heavy, blustery wintry showers pushing into western and central parts with sunny spells. Feeling cold.

Outlook for Saturday to Monday:

Wet and windy for many places Saturday, with hill snow in the north. Cold, sunny and blustery snow showers Sunday. Wintry showers in west on Monday, dry and bright elsewhere.

UK Outlook for Monday 12 Feb 2018 to Wednesday 21 Feb 2018:

Monday will be a cold day with frequent wintry showers, mainly in the north and west, and with some sunshine for eastern areas. It will be windy, with gales in the northwest, and also a risk of gales in the south for a time on Tuesday when an Atlantic frontal system spreads slightly milder air and outbreaks of rain eastwards, clearing late in the day. Through the rest of the week frontal systems will bring briefly less cold conditions with rain, hill snow and strong winds, followed by brighter weather with wintry showers. Towards the end of this period, it may turn more settled bringing increasingly prolonged drier weather, with a higher chance of easterly winds. It will be generally colder than normal with widespread overnight frosts.

A Sudden Stratospheric Warming (SSW) causes Arctic air to suddenly heat up and send freezing air to the UK

After causing massive destruction at Tonga and Fiji through the south Pacific it is now head on for New Zealand with winds hitting 120mph

Some people could even lose Mobile phone signal due to cold confitions, Met Office warns