7 Great Young Ones Moments

7 Memorable scenes from one of the funniest British comedies ever made

Here's 7 of the most memorable scenes and moments from the Young Ones. We've included a few videos to remind you what they were just in case you've forgotten!

1. Motorhead

Who can forget Motorhead's legendary performance on the Young Ones? You might not ever be able to name another of their songs, but the chances are, you know most of the words to The Ace of Spades! Take a look here for all the other bands that played on the Young Ones.

2. University Challenge

The boys are chosen to represent Scumbag College in the game show University Challenge against Footlights College, Oxbridge. Luckily University Challenge gets all the questions from The Daily Mirror Book of Facts: Did You Know. If you watch this episode, you may notice Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, and Emma Thompson as members of Footlights College.

Vyvyan: [pulling out a thick book] Well, I've done my revision.
Mike: [reads the book's title] "The Daily Mirror Book of Facts: Did You Know".
Neil: Do you think that's where they get the questions from? [Neil starts reading the book with great interest] "The world's record for stuffing marshmallows up one single nostril..."
Vyvyan: Ehhh, "Six-hundred and four, Toxteth O'Grady, U.S.A."
Neil: Yeah, right! "World's stickiest bogey?"
Vyvyan: Ha! Tried to fool me. That's Toxteth again!
Rick: The World's Stupidest Bottom-Burp: Vyvyan, Britain!
Neil: It says "Rick" here, actually.

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3. Vyvyan eating the Telly

The TV detector van man arrives, and looks for the telly as the lads haven't got a licence. The solution? Eat the telly of course!

4. The Video Nasty

Maybe this is funny today because we are remembering back to what a video actually is! ?Have we got a video?? Borrowing a VCR from Harry the Bastard, Mike and Vyvyan are planning to watch video nasties all night. A vampire interferes with their plans and they never actually get watch the video nasty that contains a sex scene with a headless corpse and a virgin astronaut. But won't the carpet get all sticky?

5. Vyvyan trying to blow up the bomb

A huge red atom bomb lands into the guys house still armed and blocking the fridge. Hoping to make a profit by selling the bomb Mike tries negotiating with Libya. Neil builds a bomb shelter under the kitchen table, and Rick threatens Thatcher that if she doesn?t do something to help ?the kids? he would blow up England. Meanwhile Vyvyan attempts to blow up the bomb with a bottle, sledgehammer, and wrecking ball!

6. The People's Poet

The kids are being hassled by the Pigs, and so the people's poet intervenes. Such a shame it's all a dream!

7. Neil writing to the bank manager

And finally, we have Neil writing to the bank manager! The letter the lads eventually come up with is hilarious. Boomshanka!

Darling fascist bully boy, give me some more money, you bastard. May the seed of your loin be fruitful in the belly of your woman, Neil.

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